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Little Bonnesque bio

Bonnesque blends an Arabian & African influence. While also bringing back the memorable jazz age of the 1920’s and the glamour of the 1930’s a when female style ruled, They are also well known for their stylish, luxurious and unique modern designs.

Alluring and sensual, a Bonnesque will add whispers of mystery, combined with colors, glamour, and sophistication. So that all woman can own individuality for any occasion.

We are aspiring to cater to all cultures and tastes, so whether you are going out for dinner, to a corporate event, a polo match or a date at a beachside restaurant, a woman in a Bonnesque will stand out.

Founders Maria Bashkova and Dawn Appel invite you to be the elegant and tasteful woman you are in a Bonnesque.

Our Clients Say
I feel very unique and feel great wearing a Bonnesque. Whether I’m wearing either sports, yoga or going to a concert or event it goes with everything, it really is versatile!
— Jevily, UAE