Bonnesque Biography

Introducing Maria Bashkova & Dawn Appel, the co-founders and managing partners of Bonnesque.

They launched Bonnesque in order to create a concept where their inspired passion and creativity could enhance their ability to produce some alluring and intriguing designs. Both Maria and Dawn have a background and passion for fashion. Their dedication and inspiration shines throughout the Bonnesque collection.

With a blend of both Arabian & African influence they bring back a memorable 1920’s when women were first free to dress in a sensual and an alluring appearance.

Together with grace, elegance and dominant impact, the Bonnesque is accompanied by glamour and sophistication requirements.

Whether a dinner dance, a polo game or a date in a beachfront restaurant, a lady wearing a Bonnesque will enhance her beauty and she will enjoy the attention it will bring. Therefore we invite you to always be stylish, elegant, chic, classy and fashionable as you showcase individuality with our unique headwear designs.

Some Bonnesque creations will be offered in limited, numbered editions only.