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Dawn Appel

Dawn is a Professional Photographer and Make-up Artist from a large City in the United Kingdom and has worked and lived in 7 different countries around the world.

Being an extreme optimist and perfectionist, this allows Dawn to bring a creative quality and passion to Bonnesque. Her mission statement is “I love what I do and I do what I love”.

She believes everyone must own a Bonnesque.

Maria Bashkova

Maria is from Omsk, Siberia where she obtained a Master’s degree in Economics from the University there.

After spending a year in Los Angeles she moved to Dubai to pursue a career in entertainment management. She is currently the event manager of one of the most prominent companies in the region and has been responsible for bringing world famous entertainers and musicians to the United Arab Emirates.

Maria has always been fascinated by the mystique and allure of fashion. She conceived the unique headwear concept of Bonnesque after seeing an image of Princess Grace.